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Projektas: Kritinis
mąstymas ir saugus naudojimasis medijomis

naujienos geltona

Critical thinking and safe use of media

2021 - 2022

The war in Ukraine shows that intense fighting takes place not only in the state's cities, fields, airspace or waters, but also in cyber and information spaces. As the Kremlin regime attempts to sow fear and manipulate the world's perception of this invasion, it is more important today than ever to remain vigilant and be able to identify and counter disinformation and its spread. After all, civil resistance is the foundation of state security and defense. 

Taking into account the recent increase in information attacks directed against Lithuania and its citizens, manifestations of disinformation in the cyber and information space, VšĮ "Vilniaus jaunimos informasi ir savanorystės centras" is starting to implement the project "Critical thinking and safe use of media" on a national scale. The main goal of the project is to strengthen young people's ability to evaluate information and their resistance to misinformation and fake news in the media. 

In order to achieve this overall result, we have assembled a team of highly experienced experts in communication and journalism, politics and history, publicists, who, looking at the challenge of disinformation and fake news from various perspectives, will provide the participants of the project activities with significant knowledge about false information, the threat it poses and the damage it causes to society. for the state, as well as develop the ability to critically assess information and recognize disinformation, fake news in various media. 

Meet the experts here: Presentation of speakers and topics

During the project, workshops on identifying disinformation in the media, discussions with active community youth and a conference "Fake news and challenges for young people in the digital age" will be held. The project's activities are focused on 13-30 year olds. aged persons living in Lithuania, paying special attention to young people residing in border municipalities.


The duration of the project is 18 months. It is hoped that after the implementation of the project, the participants of the activities will have acquired theoretical and practical knowledge about disinformation and fake news, the reasons for their use and the damage they cause to the individual, society and the state. They will also develop digital competencies to critically evaluate and analyze information, recognize disinformation and fake news in the media, which will make them more resistant to false information and its impact.

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