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Vilniaus jaunimo organizacijų sąjunga „Apskritas stalas”

Šarūnas Grigonis

VJOSAS Pirmininkas +37061040224

  • Creating a closer connection between youth organizations and their members

  • Development of competences of youth NGOs and informal youth groups

  • Consulting for organizations, provision of necessary information

  • Promotion of the creation and continuity of activities of new youth organizations

  • Mediation between Vilnius youth organizations and Vilnius city municipality

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Diversity and

house of education

  • Group sessions for young people on sexuality

  • Individual consultations and answers to questions about sexuality, conversations about puberty, adolescence, relationships, etc. topics

Lina Januškevičiūtė


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Youth with special needs charity and support fund

  • Building a community of young people with intellectual disabilities

  • Organization of leisure and entertainment (themed evenings, discos, singing group, training, workshops, etc.)

  • Development of social skills

  • Help adapting to social life

  • Help to find a permanent job, thereby integrating into social life and reducing exclusion

Vida Juodvalkienė


jauna banga
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Jauna Banga

Linas Tamošaitis


  • Testing of psychotropic substances

  • Consultations on all drug-related issues

  • Damage reduction services

  • Emotional support

  • Being on duty at events

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Open Play Music

Linas Strockis


  • Record studio

  • Help with writing lyrics and creating music

  • Organization of creative camps

  • Career counseling

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Tolerantiško Jaunimo Asociacija

  • Trainings, educational events, awareness campaigns, civic actions, etc. Event Management

  • Advocacy, expressing a public position on human rights issues, with a special focus on the LGBT+ community, refugees, migration

  • Conducting intercultural education activities

Arturas Rudomanskis


tolerantisko jaunimo asociacija logotipas
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Volunteer Center

Indrė Žičienė

  • Coordination of the platform

  • Helping volunteers and volunteer-seeking organizations find each other

  • Consultations and presentations on volunteering

  • Development of voluntary activities of Vilnius city residents

  • Ensuring quality volunteering

savanorystes centras
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Information and counseling of young people

  • Providing counseling to young people on various topics

  • Organization and implementation of informational events for young people

  • School visits

  • Execution and implementation of project activities

Viktorija Zujūtė



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